TDF Training focuses on the 6 key components that make you as a carer, practitioner or family member, ABLE to care.

1. Applicable - You chose the course because it was the right course for you or your staff. Therefore, TDF use practical elements and scenarios applicable to your place of employment. This enables your staff to be engaged through-out the session. Whilst making mental notes on how they can put what they've learnt into practise.


2. Explainable - After the course your staff should be able to remember what they've learnt and pass it on to members of the team, who may not be due their refresher. 


3. Understandable - TDF understands that everyone has a unique lerning style, therefore by using a blended approach and making people feel at ease to ask questions and join in, after the session they will be able to demonstrate what to do and why.


4. Recallable - What is the point in doing a course, if when you come to use it, you are unable to remember what you've learnt? Therefore at TDF we have varying ways of helping people recall the information, enabling them to recall it when needed


5. Usable - TDF are passionate about the courses we deliver, therefore everyone should be able to use what they've learnt, therefore TDF will adapt the courses to your particular needs, therefore enabling the individuals to feel apart of the session.


6. Enjoyable - If the person enjoys themselves whilst they are learning, it is scientifically proven that this helps people retain information. Therefore all our courses are aimed at being easily accessible and enjoyable for all.


Our Mission be constantly at the forefront of quality, enjoyable and practical training. put begrudgingly turning up at a training session, into the past, by enabling your staff to look forward to their next training session. maintain our standard of constantly looking for new and exciting ways to deliver training. keep up with our own CPD to ensure that you and your staff are getting the most up to date information.


Company Values

Competative Rates

TDF Training have the hands on experience within various social care sectors to be able to not only teach theories, but use real life experiences to bring the theories to life. 

Our rates are competitive in that we might not be the cheapest, but we are certainly the best value for money. We enable staff to use their training.


Our History


"If you don't know where you come from, then you don't know where you are, and if you don't know where you are, then you don't know where you're going" Terry Pratchett


I had a family member who had myotonic dystrophy, and therefore I was brought up around a health care environment.

When I started work at 18, I worked in a residential care home and worked my way up to being a senior carer.

I then went into the supported living sector and working with profound needs, mental health, learning difficulties and people with behaviours that may be deemed as challenging. My experience has taught me that every person is unique and different with varying needs and when I started training in 2015 I brought this experience with me. In 2019 I set up TDF Training and endeavour to train other people to treat everyone as an individual. - David Featherstone (TDF Director)

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