Clinical Skills
  • Arterial blood pressure measurement

  • Setting up an IV infusion set

  • Drug Administration:         -Intramuscular                 -Intravenous                     -Subcutaneous                 -Intradermal

  • Transurethral Catheterization (male and female)

  • Breast examination

  • Examination of meningeal signs

  • Palpation of peripheral arteries

  • Immobilization

  • Intubation

  • Managing anaphylactic shock

  • Digitorectal examination

  • Recording an ECG

  • Removal of sutures

  • Administration of oxygen therapy

  • Execution of abdominal thrust

  • Insertion of oropharyngeal manoeuvre

  • Basic life support

  • Sterile gloving

  • Buccal midazolam

  • Rectal Diazepam


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