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Need clinical skills?

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Our courses are taught by nurses showing a variety of clinical skills, ensuring you receive what you need.


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Clinical Skills
Health and Social Care

Our trainers having come from the industry itself, they are certain to understand the challenges workers face. From the placeholder to the correct handling procedures, they are well equipped to handle any question - with the experience to back it up.



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Training by certified tutors, who not only teach the subject but have worked within it, ensuring that you receive the best we can give from those who understand.




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High quality training, compliant with the current regulations and standards within the industry, ensuring that

your staff have the skills they need.




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Specialised First Aid courses for physical or Mental Health.


Designed for your needs, tailored to your requirements.



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First Aid

Giving you and your staff the competence and confidence to deliver the course you need.


Annual CPD courses with other trainers, to give you ideas, skills, and peer to peer support.



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Mentoring & CPD

With ill mental health affecting more and more people, this course provides you with the skill and knowledge needed to help out those in need.




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First Aid for Mental Health